Junkie’s Hits and Misses Week Two

15 09 2012

Once again, these Hits and Misses come just under the gun! But this time it wasn’t a family vacation getting in the way! Something much bigger is happening for the Fantasy Football Junkie. Much more info to come soon but the teaser is, that I have been contacted to help launch a NEW fantasy football site called FF Locker Room.

But until I’m ready to announce that officially, here are this weeks Hits and Misses!

1. QB – Philip Rivers  ESPN Rank 11

Philip Rivers is no Tom Brady, but Titans are traveling all of the way to San Diego and Rivers is still an elite quarterback in my eyes. He is getting no respect this year. I know he doesn’t have a lot of scary talent around him, but he’s been doing this a while with subpar wide receivers, hasn’t he? Name another star that he’s thrown to other than Gates and Jackson…

2. RB – Jonathan Dwyer  ESPN Rank 29

I loved the way he played against Denver. And although the Jets have an excellent defensive line, they did give up a huge game to CJ Spiller last week. Dwyer is no Spiller, but he has played very well since the beginning of preseason and is eager to show why he should be the starter in Pittsburgh.

3. WR – Kevin Ogletree  ESPN Rank 40

I’m a believer after that Wednesday night game against the Giants. He found a lot of space while Austin and Bryant got most of the extra help. As a defense, the Seahawks have to pay special attention to Bryant and Austin and both are healthy. Look for Kevin to get another heavy dose of targets on Sunday.

4. TE – Martellus Bennett  ESPN Rank 17

I can’t help it! That Wednesday night game stuck with me. Bennett looked like a beast for New York. He’s such a big target and Eli will hopefully continue to look his way.

Good luck tomorrow Junkie’s!




3 responses

15 09 2012

Do Darren Sproles and LT count?

16 09 2012
Tom Schriner

They count, you got me Mickey! I wasn’t thinking about his great running backs.

16 09 2012

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