Sunday’s Lighting in a Bottle!

24 10 2010

So this spot is for someone that I started in a couple leagues last minute to try and catch lightning in a bottle, hence the title of this post. This play is only for this week and could have nice games later in the year but only if the circustances warrant play like it does today. The man I am talking about…

Jason Avant: He was quietly picked up in a few deeper leagues but I was surprised how available he was in all but one league of mine as of Friday. So, I picked him up in two leagues looking for a spark and reaching for the upside potential. And potential he has! Not only is he on a team that passes it 60+ percent of the time, he’s on a team without the leading receiver for the year to date, DeSean Jackson. That means Maclin becomes the #1 and Avant steps in as the #2. But realistcally he will be the 4th option on the team with Celek and McCoy getting most of the other targets. Still, I believe Avant could be a very good play in PPR and deep leagues. I am also adding him to my players to start list!

If you are hesitant on starting some sketchy #3 receivers this week like Buster Davis, Mario Manningham or Dez Bryant, maybe go with Avant. I know I am.





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