Junkie’s 2010 Week 8 Pickups

26 10 2010

Here are the pickups for week 8. Don’t get to excited now. I’m still reeling from the loss of Romo and Clark last week. Come Thursday, I’ll be ready to ramp it back up for the Lions first game off bye. D-E-T-R-O-I-T  LIONS! Speaking of the Lions…

1. Matthew Stafford: Ok, so he hasn’t shown up all year and now I’m recommending him as a pickup? Yes, I am. If you are like me, a Romo owner and in desperate need of a fill in, Stafford may prove huge. Shaun Hill was throwing very well so shouldn’t the more talented Stafford also continue to put up decent numbers? I sure hope so, for all Lions fans sakes.

2. Jon Kitna: Speaking of Romo owners, here’s is your other pickup this week. A favorite of mine from the brief time he was a Lions starter. I like his attitude. What can I say, he may be old but he has a ton of talent around him to help. I believe he will be a top 10 QB more weeks than not as long as he starts. I also believe Witten’s value is up, now that Kitna will be checking down more.

3. Steve Johnson: Whatever you want to say about the winless Bills is ok but he and Ryan Fitzpatrick have some serious chemistry. 10 targets in a game they were winning most of? And he’s the third receiver? How is Roscoe Parrish still starting over this guy?

4. Willis McGahee: He should probably be owned in all leagues at this point. Just when you think he’s not going to get work, he goes and gets two nice games in a row. I believe, Harbaugh just wants to keep Rice fresh all year, so why not give McGahee more work. He’s still a good running back. But this probably makes Rice owners very upset, oh well.

5. LeGarrette Blount: The Cady is now running to well these days and we thought that Grahm might get more work but he went and got hurt during practice last week. So in cam Blount, looking like a new CTS. If he can get better picking up blitzes and catching the ball out of the backfield, he just may have himself a start in a week or two.

6. Blair White: Yesterday a report came out talking about how Anthony Gonzalez tweaked his ankle injury again in practice. So immediately, Blair White is touted as taking over the Collie role uncontested. Sweet, all of us fantasy football managers were saying, or those of us who were quick enough to snatch and grab. BUT, Anthony Gonzalez came out today and dismissed that report as rubbish. So I guess, keep an eye on the practice reports on Wed and Thurs for the truth. Gonzalez is also a pickup in deeper leagues.

7. Jacob Tamme: Another Colt worth looking at. It’s just a gamble but Tamme is slated to take over for Clark. Does that mean he is the talent, Clark is? Probably not, but Peyton makes everyone around him better. Just ask what’s his name…. gosh darnit. I know it’s on the tip of my tongue!

Brandon Stokley! That would have bugged me if I had to look that one up.





7 responses

27 10 2010

Peyton Manning would turn me into a good WR lol..I love the guy. He’s the smartest football player I’ve ever seen. I mean he’s not very mobile or athletic compared to many, he doesn’t have the strongest arm(strong enough) and he’s not even the mot accurate passer (even though he’s close). Still the guy is the best QB in football….lol ok im done praising the Manning

27 10 2010

I don’t think you can praise Peyton enough. He is magical. That pace he and the offense was setting during the Redskins game was crazy. That defense was gassed on almost every play.

28 10 2010

You got any surprise most likely FA defenses in mind this week?

29 10 2010

Working on the starts today and of course you know I’m keeping an eye on the defenses!

28 10 2010

I like the call on Blount. He looked strong this past week and the Bucs ground game needs the help.

29 10 2010

Also..who would you rather have? Legarrette Blounte or Danny Woodhead? My brain tells me woodhead long term, but for this weekend I like blount..

29 10 2010

I would say Woodhead if it’s a ppr league and Blount for standard. I love how they use Woodhead in so many packages. Even this week against the visiting Vikings, Woodhead should be ok because he’s going to get 8-10 touches somehow. With Blount, we just aren’t sure yet. I worry that THIS week is the week Cadillac gets some decent yards and keeps Blount at bay.

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