Sunday’s Lightning in a Bottle Week 8

31 10 2010

This guy was one of my pick ups this week and I believe he should get enough carries to warrant a start in all 12+ team leagues. Look for this rookie RB to crack the top 25 for RB in standard ESPN scoring. Looking at his stats from last week made him a pickup (11 carries and 72 yards), but reading Christopher Harris’ Breakdown on ESPN made me think he was worthy to start this week. Chris pointed out that he had two carries of 14 and 46 yards nullified by penalty. So his numbers could have looked great.

He is…

LeGarrette Blount. Cady is still the starter, but if he struggles early, Raheem will have no choice but to play Blount. The Cardinals also have some injuries in the LB corps making this more enticing. I do realize that I have the Cardinals defense in my start list but can’t they both do well? I sure hope so.




One response

1 11 2010

Go I knew they’d win..Nice pick on the Rams defense and Blount

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