Junkie’s 2010 Week 9 Players to Start

4 11 2010

Here are seven of the finest picks ever to have been picked to start in fantasy football history! Of course this is before the actual games have been played but read the advice and make the call! I have all of these guys playing in at least one league this week.

1. Jordy Nelson: With Donald Driver OUT this week both Nelson and James Jones will get the extra looks. But I think Nelson will be a strong play against a terrible Cowboys team. Also, Jordy has seen steady targets lately, 21 in the past three games. So even with Driver in the game, he has been targeted heavily.

2. Patrick Crayton: Still available in crap ton of leagues, he is THE guy this week for the Chargers. The Chargers are on the road against a bad Texans team. And Rivers is probably going to be without his favorite three targets in Gates, Floyd and Nannee. So heres hoping that Crayton makes the most of this opportunity. Don’t let me down Pat! This analysis also leads us to our 3rd start…

3. Darren Sproles: One of my favorite NFL players, he finally has been getting more work out of the backfield recently. And I believe he will continue to see heavy work this week with possible slot duties. I know he’s small but the Chargers have no one else. He could also see really good numbers in the return game also. Look for 125+ return yards or top 25 RB this week.

4. Visanthe Shiancoe: With all that has transpired in Minnesota this week, I believe Shiancoe becomes a bigger part of the offense. Not only did Moss get let go, but Harvin hasn’t practiced. So the top wideouts could be Berrian, Camarillo and Lewis. If they don’t get Shiancoe the ball this week, he is droppable.

5. Lance Moore: The Carolina Panthers have an underrated DEF. So once again, like last week against the Steelers, I believe Brees will utilize Moore as his safety blanket. Moore has been filling the shoes for Bush and doing a pretty good job. So I expect almost the same numbers he had last week.

6. Jay Cutler: Big gut call here. Like Stafford from a week ago, I believe Cutler will be sharp coming out of the bye and I also believe we will see more screens, and short step back passes. If Martz knows what’s good for him and Cutler, he will change the approach of this offense.

7. Detroit Lions DEF: My boys stepped up big for me a couple of weeks ago and here we go again. Playing at home, where we have won the last two, I just think they are finding there stride on the defensive side. And with Sanchez not playing great the last few games, hopefully Suh and KVB can put some pressure on him to cause some havoc. Otherwise it could be a long day for us Lions fans.

Got any questions or comments? Agree or Disagree? Just tell me! And then subscribe.





3 responses

5 11 2010

I agree with all of them except for Cutler..I dont see Cutler getting sacked as many times as he did with Newyork but I think they’ll put enough pressure on him and he will make mistakes..Best game he will have imo is two TD’s and two interceptions, but im thinking more along the lines of 1TD 2int’s and maybe a forced fumble…lol If I’m wrong I’ll eat crow 😛

5 11 2010

Frog, you could be totally right! I don’t feel good about starting him. Just a hunch. I got him starting over Matt Cassell in one league. And I am definitely crossing my fingers.

5 11 2010

Then again you could be right too. Cutler can have great games like he did earlier this year and it’s not like buffalo has a great D. Football can be so unpredictable..lol

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