Junkie’s 2010 Week 10 Players to Start

12 11 2010

It sure is good to wake up knowing I went to bed watching football last night. Isn’t it just more comforting when there is football on Thursday nights? Sorry if you don’t get NFL Network. But it was a really good game and it might be the first time where I actually watched Matt Ryan. He is a really good NFL QB and he and Roddy White are extremely good together. I would hate to see what Matt would be like without Roddy.

Now onto the players I like during week 10!

1. Tampa Bay DEF: This isn’t a defense that will get you many sacks but they are near the top in interceptions and with Carolina coming to town with as many injuries as they are dealing with, makes Tampa a DEF not to miss. I really like John Fox as a coach but he is overwhelmed and outmatched this season. Good thing he’ll get a fresh start somewhere next year.

2. Marshawn Lynch: I’m really hoping he finally gets it going against the Cards this week. Seriously. Pete, if you somehow stumble upon my simple little blog, give Lynch the ball 20 times and see what happens.

3. Mike Goodson: Here is a guy that probably made every pickup column (including mine) this week. For good reason though. His running mates are all hurt and he will probably see the field on 70-80 percent of the offensive plays. That makes him valuable in any format but I think he will have more value in PPR leagues.

4. Blair White: He’s getting a start. His QB’s name is Peyton Manning. And the Colts RB’s are in a bad situation. I’m thinking pass pass pass!

5. Brandon Pettigrew: For some reason Brandon is still flying under the radar. The guy has only out produced his entire 2009 rookie campaign in 8 weeks and is on pace for top 10 stats for a TE. Don’t sleep on him this week against the Bills DEF who give up more points to opposing TE’s than anyone.

6. Mike Williams, Seattle: As much as I hate rooting for the guy who came to Lions camp one year near 300 pounds, he has looked pretty good thus far. And with Matt back behind center, hopefully he gets back on track. And if the coach is listening, Pete I’m talking to you, Lynch will get used often, opening up the play action.

7. David Garrard: A super popular start this week, and I’m drinking the kool-aid! I picked him up in multiple leagues this week for a start. He’s playing the Texans who give up tons of points to opposing Qb’s and is coming off the bye. I always like teams coming off of their bye.

8. Mario Manningham: I thought about saving him for my Sunday Lighting but decided to put him in here. Steve Smith has been aggravated by an apparent chest injury and may not start this week. Keep updated on his status, but Manningham might get the start. Super Mario will not disappoint with most of the coverage swaying to Hakeem’s side!

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4 responses

13 11 2010

I see you like Tampa D and Beast Mode as well.

13 11 2010

Yeah, gotta love the matchups. And hopefully Lynch can replicate just a portion of what Blount did a couple weeks ago. But his O-Line is still in shambles. So if he has a good game, it will be up to him.

14 11 2010

I LOVE Tampa D chances this weekend myself. In fact I’m going to try and rotate just about any D against Carolina that I can..lol Nice pick man.

14 11 2010

Well so much for the Tampa D today. Not terrible but sure not great. And the Panthers played pretty well on offense considering all of their trouble staying healthy.

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