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17 11 2010

A couple things have happened this fine Wednesday afternoon…

1. Deangelo Williams is officially on IR. So congrats if you have Mike Goodson and also don’t forget about J. Stewart. Still not practicing and probably won’t play this week but should be back for week 12. The Panthers aren’t very good but Stewart won’t be sharing carries when he gets back.

2. Reggie Bush probably will make his return this week. If you are in a PPR league, make sure he’s not in the free agent pool. If he is, snatch him up for the playoffs.

3. Matt Schaub was hospitalized overnight for a knee bursa sac. Apparently how this happened is not known but he should be back at practice on Thursday. All Schaub owners should be on watch just in case.

Also, please don’t be that guy or girl. You know who I’m talking about! Don’t be the person who gives up just because you have no shot at the playoffs. How you play these few games down the stretch could still help determine who goes and who doesn’t. It’s not cool if you just give one team a win. Login and play the best players you have. All bye weeks are done so no excuses.





3 responses

18 11 2010

ah thanks for the post man..I just added J-stew and dropped torain in one of my leagues..tell me i did the right

18 11 2010

Only time will tell. It was not good that Torain was expected to start and tweaked his hammy during warmups. That can’t be good for him. Especially considering Portis is coming back and the emergence of Williams. J. Stew has the higher upside if he can just get cleared to practice.

18 11 2010

that was my thinking as well, plus stewart is very talented i just hope the o-line of carolina adjusts enough to allow him some running room.

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