This Just In… Chilli Out as Vikings Coach

22 11 2010

Can’t say I’m surprised. He lost the respect of the players a long time ago and lost the respect of the owner probably when he let Moss go without discussing it with any of the higher ups. So today, Brad Childress was fired as the coach of the Vikings and Leslie Frazier. Another reason for the move to happen may have something to do with the Cowboys.

Leslie FrazierSeeing the immediate impact and sudden change of fortune for the Cowboys probably has a lot to do with Childress being let go. Jason Garrett has gone 2-0 in his short tenure as head coach and with Leslie Frazier also a hot name for head coaching opportunities, why not see what he can do this year? Much like the Cowboys, the Vikings are loaded with talent so a new coach might get these players out of their respective funk.

Does this have any fantasy relevance? Probably not too much. The only player I see benefitting the most might be Brett Favre. Now that his pal Chili is gone, maybe just maybe Favre can redeem himself for the rest of the year. With Sydney Rice back to go along with Harvin and Peterson it’s still a team to reckon with.

Also, check the free agent pool to see if someone dumped the Vikings D. They could be rejuvenated as well making them a possible top 10 DEF for the rest of the year. With games against the Bills, Bears and Lions left, the match-ups are enticing.





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