Junkie’s Week 13 Players to Start

2 12 2010

So week 12 was better than week 11. That’s not saying much. But if week 13 is better than week 12, that will be something of note. I went 2-5 last week only hitting on Blair White and the Oakland DEF. I just missed on Shaun Hill and Joel Dreesen, so it was close to being a good week. This is the most pivotal week to get the correct picks in your lineup. If you have lineup questions feel free to post them here and I will get to them ASAP. We do have a tasty Thursday night matchup tonight to kick off a fantastic week 13!

Without further ado, your not-so-obvious players to start…

1. Felix Jones: Marion Barber is hurt but that doesn’t mean Jones will get all of the work. Tashard Choice figures to assume the short yardage and goal line work but Jones should be in line for a nice game against the Colts.

2. Shonn Greene: Ok, we’ve seen his name here before… and I’m doing it again! He’s gotten 10+ carries for 4 weeks in a row and the NY Jets travel to New England to take on the Patriots Monday night. I believe the Jets want to run and run and run all night. It should be near freezing and who knows how LT will perform. Leaning on Green is probably the best idea for Rex and the Jets.

3. Brent Celek: Vick is finally starting to utilize his TE so look for the Celek to have a nice game against the Texans tonight. The Texans are giving up the most fantasy points to opposing TE’s in the NFL.

4. Pierre Garcon: I wouldn’t have thought him a “sleeper” till yesterday. Someone actually dropped him in a 16 team league where we start 3 WR’s. I know, right. I mean, he has been a big disappointment thus far but his schedule looks good and hopefully Addai comes back soon along with some defensive players, Bracket and Sanders. I think Garcon goes huge against the Cowboys this week. The Colts will need to run in two TE formations most of the day to keep Manning comfortable. Meaning that Tamme may not get as many looks as normal.

5. Randy Moss: This pick is hinged on the hope Kerry Collins is starting. I know Rusty Smith actually got him the ball a bit last week but the Titans looked terrible. With Kerry, at least the opposing defense has to respect the pass a teeny tiny bit more. And once CJ breaks in big one, that’s when they go to Moss for a 50 yard bomb! This is the riskiest play of the week.

6. Detroit Lions DEF: Don’t call me a homer! Ok, go ahead. But that’s alright. I’m rolling with the Lions in one league and I’m here to make a tough call. Lets face it, Jay Cutler is, well, Jay Cutler. In my opinion that means the defense should have an ok game. Whether it be from sacks or INT’s. And with the Lions playing at home against a team they got robbed on in week 1, they should be out for blood. Or many many sacks.

7. Josh Freeman: Here is a nice pick IMO. The Falcons are giving up the 12th most fantasy points to opposing QB’s and Josh Freeman is just a beast to bring down. Look for him to extend a couple plays for big gains to Mike Williams and Benn. He’s currently 18 in ESPN’s experts ranks for week 13.

That’s it for now, look for Sunday and Monday lightning specials during the weekend!





3 responses

4 12 2010

Got a question..Assuming Collie doesn’t play this week would you start Blair White over Calvin Johnson or Dez Bryant? I’m not a big fan of their matchups this week, but they are still who they are..It’s driving me nuts deciding what to do..lol

4 12 2010

I do like Blair White if Collie can’t go and it looks like he will not. Over Megatron, no, but I say it’s a coin flip over Bryant. If it’s a league where you get special teams points for return yards and return TD’s I say go with Bryant as he can get you points in multiple ways. And other than last weeks game against the Saints, Kitna has looked for Bryant a bunch. In a standard league their values are similar with Bryant having more upside in my opinion. Looking at the stats more closely, both had 6 targets last week. So even though Dez had zero catches the throws were still coming his way.

4 12 2010

thanks man I’ll just stick with Dez and hope for the best..lol

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