Playoff Time – A Couple Tips

7 12 2010

Ok, gearing for week 14. Most leagues will begin the playoffs this week, so congrats if you made it. Many leagues still don’t begin till week 15. But this column is a gentle reminder to use your waiver priority and extra free agent cash to pick up the hot players. And a couple of other tid-bits that will help.

1. Don’t sit idly by when you could pick up Tashard Choice or James Starks or even Sidney Rice if still available. These could be the guys that help your team or your opponent. Even if you are stacked at one position and don’t need one of these guys, it’s time to dump any second string TE’s, K’s, or QB’s. Load up on skill players and take them off the board before you get burned. If you have only used a portion of your free agent cash to this point, no use holding onto most of it. Time to fork it over and go big on the top pickups this week.

2. Look ahead. Some teams have bye weeks so look toward week 15 matchups and pick out a DEF to go after. Or if you have been going week to week on QB’s, do the same. Also, if you have extra bench space maybe picking up a second DEF and or QB for weeks 15 and 16 could pay off huge dividends.

3. Don’t play the names in favor of hot players. If the “Name” player is not performing, time to bench him. You’re in the playoffs and need production! If you are having trouble deciding between players feel free to leave a comment and we can discuss which might be the best way to go.

4. In a keeper league and not in the playoff picture? Look over the free agent pool for players that have been dropped. Guys like Jermichael Finley, Dallas Clark, Frank Gore, Ryan Grand and Tony Romo. Any of these guys could have been dropped so scoop them up so you’re looking good for next year.

Pickups will be out early Wednesday!




5 responses

7 12 2010

those are awesome tips man…..right now im deciding between who’s better for my QB spot in one league..Matt Cassel or Kitna

7 12 2010

I got the same dilemma. Right now I have Kitna starting and will probably stick with him. But it’s in the one league I’m not in the playoffs! Oh well, I am starting Kitna in another league, he’s been pretty steady and should do fine against Philly. Especially if they are without Asante Samuel for a third week.

7 12 2010

ill watch kitna this weekend..right now i have Cassel for AZ for week 15..i have a bi week but week 15 and 16 look juicy for kitna as well..Cassel might not throw for as many yards though..tough one for me…knowing me ill most likely nab Kitna for 15 and

8 12 2010

I picked Starks and Dixon up from waivers last week, but didn’t start them. Our league is a .5ppr with 10 rushing yds getting 1 pt and 20 recieving yds getting 1 pt. My current line up is:
Schaub, Bradshaw, [RB2], Bowe, MWilliams (TB), [Flex], Witten

On my bench,
I’ve got Felix J. v Phi, BJax @ Det, Lynch @ SF, Dixon v Sea, Starks @ Det AND Miles Austin v Phi, Mike Thomas v Oak
I’m thinking Austin at flex and Starks at RB2. What do you think? Starks is an unknown, but the way he played last Sunday, he just might help me pull of a playoff miracle.
Thank you very much, in advance, for any words of wisdom!

8 12 2010

Hey Rob, I definitely like Austin more now that Bryant is lost for the season. And I like Starks also. I would say if you are the underdog going into this week, roll with Starks. His upside seems to be big this week. But if you are in a position where you need 7-9 pts, go with Felix. You know he’s probably going to get you that.

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