Junkie’s 2010 Week 14 Pickups

8 12 2010

The playoffs are here for most of you. Here are a few pickups that could help you get that magical first round win. And for leagues that are still playing a regular season game this week, you might need these guys for a burst of energy to catapult you into the post season!

1. Ed Dickson: With Todd Heap not likely to play this Monday Night, look for Dickson to step up. Heap has been a favorite target of Flacco all year so we expect Dickson to assume the role. He did get 7 targets against the Steelers, good for second on the team.

2. James Starks: Sound like a made up name to me but he showed good form on his first major outing. And the Packers may have just found themselves a suitable RB for pounding the ball. He’s a big guy and could be huge for a team that makes defenses key on the passing plays. And now Brandon Jackson can assume the role of third down back which fits his style better.

3. Dominic Rhodes: Just got signed by his old team in Indy. Meaning that it probably spells bad news for Addai owners hoping to get him back this week or at all this season. Rhodes has had a good year… in the UFL. But, he knows the offense and has at least kept in playing shape. He could have an immediate impact for the Colts, who are desperate for a RB to step up. Of course this is only for the high stakes gambler.

4. Jonathan Stewart: Two nice games in a row. Time to pickup him up if he’s still available.

5. Marshawn Lynch: I’m not buying it but you can’t ignore it when a guy goes off for 3 TD’s.

6. Donald Driver: He was probably dropped in a bunch of leagues when his injury kept him from the field but he’s back and Rodgers still trusts the heck out of him. And if you saw him break that 60 yard TD while dragging 2 defenders across the goal line, you would be impressed.

7. Tashard Choice: If you didn’t get him last week, now is the time. Looked really good, albeit against a terrible Colts DEF. Looking at the schedule, the Cowboys have a nice schedule for RB’s going forward including games against the Redskins and Cardinals.

8. Kenny Britt: Could be coming back from injury on Thursday night against a Colts team who’ve struggled against any offense as of late. Britt, if active could be what the Titans need to get the ball rolling again.

Well there you go. A bevvy of free agent hopefuls to go after. It feels like this week we had more than usual and here are few other names to keep an eye on: Jacoby Ford, Drew Stanton, Derek Hagan (PPR), Jason Avant (PPR), Earl Bennett, and Alex Smith.





6 responses

8 12 2010

Good picks man. I especially like the warning signs you put next to some of them like Rhodes..lol I’m definitely liking Starks this week. The Packers are trying to be coy with their news of how much play time he will get but you can sense they are a bit giddy about his performance last week. I don’t buy their 3 man rotation news at all. I say Starks starts and Jackson plays most third downs while Nance rides the pine.

Ryan Torain might start this week as well. He is supposed to practice fully this week, but it’s a situation to watch carefully before anyone starts him this week.

8 12 2010

Hey Frog, totally agree on Torain. I just can’t trust him and he could re-injure himself in the pre-game warmups like last time! In that instance he screwed over a bunch of owners that weren’t watching his status carefully.

8 12 2010

Nice Bro!! Love the Info. I didnt even Know Rhodes GOT signed, NICE WORK!!!

they Say to pick Up Denver Defense who Vsing the Arizona Cardinals.
And Than You have Owen Daniels Returning thats another Add to see what happens. Ryan Torian and James Davis both Runningbacks were mentioned on other Sites

8 12 2010

Thanks for checking out the site MushRoom! And I have to agree with Owen Daniels. I love his skills but damn if he can’t stay healthy this year. I hope he can get back to form. As for the Redskins RB’s, I gotta stay away from all of them. You can’t begin to trust what Shanahanigans is thinking. He’s worse than the Patriots. I do like the Denver D and was thinking about making them a Player to Start this week!

9 12 2010

Wel in my defense i only bothered mentioning Torain in case someone was desperate..lol

my top defenses this week are

atlanta – they will stop the run and you know they gonna get some picks..lol

Denver D – porous run defense but AZ has even worse RB’s so that should even itself out in Denver’s favor..lol

Tampa should have a decent D game as well.

9 12 2010

I’m thinking that Atlanta game will be an interesting test for the Falcons D. Not that they will lose but the Panthers have shown the ability to run recently and the Falcons have an excellent rush D. I agree that they will be a good start, but I really want to see if they can contain Stewart and Goodson.

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