Junkie’s Sunday Lightning!

12 12 2010

It’s Sunday and I just ordered wings to be delivered to the house for the family! Scheduled delivery time 12:45. Perfect.

I have been struggling to pin point who My Sunday Lightning player would be and I’m going with a backup RB. That’s right, a backup.

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

I feel like the Jaguars want to run and run they shall. Rashad Jennings isn’t going to overtake the mighty MJD but he’s doing just enough with his chances to make a flex start in deep leagues. He’s scored in two straight games and got 12 touches last week. So look for the Jaguars to run the ball about 35-40 times in this game with Jennings getting one in three series to spell MJD. It’s also good to point out that he has no fumbles lost, so they do trust him at the goal-line.





7 responses

12 12 2010

i like this a lot. almost put Jennings in my start ’em this week.

12 12 2010

Hurricane, looks like we had the right idea. He hasn’t gotten as many touches but he’s been money with the few he got.

12 12 2010

great pick man…nice work

13 12 2010

Question for you. I can pick up either Dallas Clarke or Jermichael Finley from FA for next year in my keeper league. Heck I could pick up both I guess but I only have 6 keepers and not sure I want to keep 2 TEs. Which one would you rather keep on your team for next season?

14 12 2010

If it’s a PPR league, you gotta get Clark. He is a beast. Tamme has done an adequate job filling in but he doesn’t have near the blocking skills of Dallas. Which is why Clark is so valuable, he can be on the field almost the entire game. If it’s a non PPR league, I think Finley will have more big plays down field making him the better option.

13 12 2010

Well, I went with the three Cowboys in Week 14….Austin, Witten, and FJones. They didn’t disappoint. Starks was a bust, but Rodger’s injury probably had a lot to do with that. My decision to go with Schaub over Josh Freeman and my opponents incredible RB trio (Hillis, Charles, Foster) having sub-par games…well, it looks like I’m in the finals (2 week per playoff round format), so I hope you don’t mind me getting more of your advice. I can use all the help I can get. Thanks for keeping up this great site. I’m turning my buddies on to it, except for my week 15/16 opponent (haha). Oh, are you watching this incredible Texans/Ravens game? What a game!

14 12 2010

Just got home from work to catch the 4th quarter and OT. Yeah, that was an incredible finish in the 4th for the Texans and an even more incredible play for the gasses Ravens D. Best finish to a game I’ve seen in a long time.

Congrats on making it to finals Rob and thanks for getting more eyes over to the site. Maybe one day it will all amount to more than just a hobby!

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