This Just In… Grossman to Start Over McNabb

17 12 2010

Holla back if you own the Dallas DEF! You just got an early Christmas gift from Mike Shanahanigans. It hasn’t been officially released but someone with close ties to the team has leaked the news. Holy cow. Really? I know McNabb has been very inconsistent but Rex Grossman. And I like Rex, lived in the same city he went to high school.

The really only relevant fantasy spin on this is the Dallas D should be upgraded some. And the WR’s for the Redskins should be downgraded, I’m talking to you Moss and Armstrong owners. I might upgrade the stock of Torrain and Cooley though.

Ugh, Rex Grossman.

UPDATE: I was totally wrong. What a game from Rex. Gotta give him a lot of credit.




3 responses

17 12 2010

well, time to start looking for a replacement for Santana Moss this week. I agree.

Grossman. Ugh.

17 12 2010

Grossman has had his moments in the past where he was good. One never knows honestly how he might do. He may have learned some things from Donovan plus he’s not a rookie so there’s a chance that he doesn’t play too badly although I wouldn’t expect much his first game starting. I’ll be more interested to see how he performs his second game back.

17 12 2010

It’s true, Grossman could have a surprising day. At home against a Dallas D that isn’t great. But I don’t see it. The Dallas pass rush has been good the last few games and should be chomping at the bit to play this game. But if he does play well, look out for week 16 pickups! With guys like Clausen, Flynn, A. Smith, Orton, Stanton, Croyle, and Skelton all getting starts who knows.

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