This Just In… MJD Doubtful

24 12 2010

If you have been riding Jones-Drew into the playoffs this message is for you. According to John Clayton of ESPN, Maurice is doubtful to play this week against the Redskins. He has missed practice for three straight days. With that in mind, all leagues should have Rashad Jennings owned immediately if not already. He should be considered a top 15 back this week if Maurice is indeed inactive.




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27 12 2010

Well, it’s down to this: My team in part 2 (week 16) of my 2 week final matchup, did pretty well. I decided to go with 2 of 4 Cowboys, using Witten and Beuhler and sitting Austin and Felix. Witten and Beuhler gave me good games. Austin had a good game and would have helped me as I decided at the last minute to start Anthony Armstrong at Flex over Miles and Mike Thomas. My starting WRs were Bowe and MWilliams “South”, so I did well, there. At QB, I chose Schaub over Freeman (I briefly thought about starting Freeman, but really never a serious consideration). Bradshaw didn’t do much at my RB1, but Ronnie Brown snuck a touchdown in and gave my RB2 slot some umphh. I really thought the Chargers would get me some points…yep, minus 2 points…The two week total is Me-192, Him-135, but he has three players left to my none. Vick, Sharod (aka. Roddy White), and the Eagles D. What will it take to beat me? Vick throwing or running for about three TDs and around 275 yards, Roddy going 8/100/1, and the Eagles giving up 6 or less points and special teams or the def. getting a score. I give myself about an 85% chance of pulling this out, but you guys send some good thoughts my way. I could really use them!

28 12 2010

Well, it’s one down, two to go. Roddy is Roddy. You can’t stop him, only hope to contain him, and I was pleased that he was held to a handful of catches and a TD. Now, if Vick can keep from going off on the Vikes and the Eagles D and/or STs don’t score more than 1 TD, I should win my 2nd league championship in a row (12 teams, pretty darn competitive).

29 12 2010

Congrats Rob, after watching the Eagles and Vick stink it up on Tuesday night, a lot of owners probably saw their dream season dashed. Vick owners were on quite a ride till that game.

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