Sitting Jacoby Ford in Week 17

30 12 2010

Ok, so most of you don’t care anymore and week 17 is primarily a showcase for the NFL to wind down the season but we still have leagues playing championships and regular season games this week. And a player getting tons of attention is Jacoby Ford. He has been on fire the past two weeks and really helps in leagues where his return yardage counts.

I’m here to warn you against playing him. 

First, he is playing away from the comfy confides of Oakland. Lets review his last 4 home games. Which, by the way have been stellar. If this were at home, I would be shouting to start him!

Week 9 vs. Chiefs: His coming out party. 6 REC/148 Yards/158 Ret Yards/1 TD

Week 12 vs. Dolphins: 4 REC/108 Yards/13 Rush Yards/208 Ret Yards/2 TD’s

Week 15 vs. Broncos: 3 REC/47 Yards/71 Rush Yards/102 Ret Yards/1 TD

Week 16 vs. Colts: 2 REC/21 Yards/188 Ret Yards/1 TD

WOW, what awesome stats! Now lets take a look at his stats away from Oakland…

In his last three road games combined, here are the numbers: 5 REC/ 74 Yards/211 Ret Yards/1 TD/1 Fumble Lost

So there it is. Not sure why I said first earlier, there isn’t a second. I guess if there was a second reason, it’s that the Chiefs are an excellent football team at home and have major playoff seeding implications riding on this game. So don’t get cute and play someone with a better chance at scoring some points!





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