Junkie’s Week 17 Players to Start

31 12 2010

This is mostly for fun but you never know. Some championship games are being held and a lot of players are going to rest, if not the whole game, at least a quarter or two. So choose wisely as this week is crazy for fantasy. People will sit Brady even though he will probably play a half at least. Crazy, unless you snagged Kolb off of waivers! In all honesty I like Kolb and Brady to make the top 10 this week!

1. Tom Brady: Don’t get crazy. Unless you have another stud, you should be playing Brady this week. Belechik likes to play his starters all year. He might only play one half but his one half should be better than most.

2. Kevin Kolb: Everyone wants Kolb to do well. Kolb needs to showcase what he can do to have a lasting impression in the eyes of teams needing a QB for 2011. The Eagles want Kolb to play well, so they can get the most bang when they try to trade him away. So I expect the Eagles to have a good game plan to play to his strengths.

3. Jason Avant: Even though I think the Eagles want to showcase Kolb, they won’t do it at the expense of DeSean Jackson. So look for the other receivers to play a more prominent role. Avant has been a steadying influence for the Eagles and should be Kolb’s #1. Maclin might play some but will also probably site most of the game.

4. Kenny Britt: I’ve been starting him for two weeks now, he is back. And Kerry loves to throw downfield to Britt. With the Colts needing the win to guarantee a playoff berth, look for the Titans to play with a lot of heart to keep it close.

5. Robert Meachem: With Colston out, look for Meachem to grab a few more targets. Of course I’m starting Lance Moore first but Meachem has bigger upside.

6. Joe McKnight: He is the backup RB for the Jets. And with LT and Green expected to play just a few series’ Joe could get a lot of work.

7. Ryan Mathews: He should be huge this week vs. the Broncos. Tolbert is out and the Chargers will be playing everyone just to end the year on a high note. And Mathews really wants to show everyone why the Chargers moved up in the draft to get him.

8. Danario Alexander: Amendola is the safe PPR guy in this outfit but Alexander has the speed to break free downfield for some big plays.

9. Barb Schaab: Not exactly a player in the NFL, but she has read all of the articles thus far on this blog. Thanks Ma! Now lets see if She comments.

10. Rashad Jennings: I know he played terrible against the Colts but I gotta think he bounced back this week. And with the implications riding on the game he will be in on probably 80% of the plays. How many RB’s can you say that about?

So there you have it. The last Players to Start article for the 2010 season.

I’ll be throwing out some Playoff rankings for those leagues that do a re-draft for the playoffs. I have only heard of one league like this, thanks Tony!





4 responses

5 01 2011

#9 is a great pick. Can’t go wrong picking Mama. Good work this year it’s been a pleasure. If you want to get in on some baseball leagues let me know.

PS: I ended up winning 2 of my 4 leagues, so considering the nature of football I find myself very fortunate. Took a lot of work but was a lot of fun. Thanks again for all the hard work.

5 01 2011

Congratulations Frog on an excellent fantasy football year! Two out of three championships is spot on. I wish I could say the same. I still have one opportunity to take a crown and got the #1 overall seed including the #1 draft pick in the playoff re-draft.

I like baseball but don’t get into the fantasy aspect of it. Tried it once and it just doesn’t get my blood pumping like the NFL. I’ll be sure to post about a league for readers next season so stay tuned for that! And thanks for the continued reading and messages all season.

5 01 2011
Barb Schaab

Thanks Tom 😀 I like being #9 !!! Do I know Frog…..cause I like him !!

5 01 2011

No problem, nope you do not know Frog. He’s one of the Junkie readers/followers!

Frog meet Barb. Barb meet Frog. Now you have been introduced!

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