Junkie’s Playoff Team Assembled

6 01 2011

Burning Scooters Logo

Draft started at 10:30pm and ended roughly 1 hour later. Not bad for a late start time with 8 guys. 

Breakdown of the draft for the Burning Scooters (My Team Name for All Leagues):

  • Each team can keep one player from the regular season as their 5th round pick. All teams kept someone.
  • Teams are composed of  QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, K, DEF.
  • PPR league with bonuses for yards and 10+ catches in single game.
  • Total of 8 teams made the playoffs.
  • My keeper was Tom Brady.

So there are some of the facts and here is how the team looks the next day. Not bad if you believe the Patriots are going to the Super Bowl as I do.

  • QB – Tom Brady (5th Rnd Keeper)
  • RB – Michael Turner (2nd Rnd)
  • RB – Julius Jones – Really hurt me to draft him but Ivory and Thomas on IR? (6th Rnd)
  • WR – Wes Welker (1st Rnd)
  • WR – Deion Branch (4th Rnd)
  • TE – Jacob Tamme (3rd Rnd)
  • K – David Akers (7th Rnd)
  • DEF – Eagles (8th Rnd)

How does it look? Not too bad, but those Pats need to get to the promised land for me to win. Only player I hedged on was Rob Gronkowski. Could have taken him over Tamme and I actually like Gronkowski more but went with another team. Just in case the Colts beat the Jets, Tamme should have good numbers for two games played.

Only missed player I wanted was Benjarvus Green-Ellis. Someone named Jon, snatched him up. But that might work out for me. I got Branch instead and think Julius Jones could surprise as the featured 1st and 2nd down back. Especially playing at Seattle, his previous team.

Couple of draft surprises, Mike Wallace getting drafted 2nd overall, Derrick mason 5th overall and Colston going 8th overall. I love Colston but with having knee surgery just two weeks ago, I question how good he will be.





2 responses

6 01 2011

You are an amazing FF guru, and I have marveled at your knowlege all season. I just have one question for you…

Will you marry me???????

6 01 2011

I have been waiting for this all year! Bout time you commented. And YES, of course I will marry you. Where shall we go on our second honeymoon?

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