New Overtime Rules for the Playoffs!

6 01 2011

I know, most of you may already be abreast of the new rules, congratulations on being on top of this. I only found out about this last month in an ESPN magazine article. I figured I might not be the only clueless one. So here is a link to a new article on ESPN for you to read over. Be ready to explain it again this weekend. And then you’ll be the BIG BRAIN in the room and everyone will salute your greatness!

NFL Playoff Overtime Scenarios by: David Flemming




2 responses

6 01 2011

well from what I read it says that in OT if one team scores a field goal the other team has a chance to match that to extend OT..If the respondant team scored a TD instead the game is over, in fact the first tgeam to score a TD wins the game, but a first field goal cannot win the game alone anymore. If a team matches a FG and OT is extended then a subsequent FG by either team can win the game pretty much putting the old rules back into place.

6 01 2011

You got it Frog, although there are some other scenarios that Flemming goes into that break it down even further. Like in the case of safeties and botched kick returns. Fascinating stuff, I really hope we get to see it played out in a game or two. I think it’s a good medium of the Old NFL and college. I just hate the college rule, taking away special teams and long field defenses.

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