2011 Fantasy Sleepers

29 07 2011

I’m trying to reach when I pick these. Some will be a little more obvious but hopefully a few will be eye openers. If I hit on a couple of these guys it would be great. I expect all of them to be winners but we’ll evaluate them later in the year!


1. DEN Tim Tebow ESPN Ranking 19

I believe that he could end up being a top 15 QB at the end of the year if he gets to play an entire season. His stats might be a little wild but he should make up a ton using his feet. In John Fox’s system, he should have less of a chance to screw things up. Projection: Top 12 QB

UPDATE: So much for Tebow getting a shot at starting… looks like he will be relegated to the bench. Too bad for Tim, because his fantasy value is high like Vick in my opinion.

2. DET Matthew Stafford ESPN Ranking 17

He is going to be on a lot of lists as a sleeper this year. The question is, of course, can he stay healthy? I sure hope so, being a Lions fan is just now starting to pay dividends. Projection: Top 10 QB

3. STL Sam Bradford ESPN Ranking 14

With Josh McDaniels in town, Bradford has a real chance to be a top 10 or better QB this year. He had an amazing year for a rookie in 2010 and will be given every chance to put up great numbers in 2011. With Sims-Walker, Amendola, Avery and Alexander he has a nice cast of receivers to target. Projection: Top 10 QB

Running Backs

1. IND Delone Carter ESPN Ranking 70

You know it’s easy to put Roy Helu or Daniel Thomas into the mix of sleeper and I almost did. Instead, I looked a little deeper and went with Delone Carter. Drafted by Indianapolis out of Syracuse, I think he could have a big impact in the second half of 2011. Heck, with Hart released, he’s one step closer to starting! Projection: Top 25 RB in the second half

2. SEA Marshawn Lynch ESPN Ranking 39

With Okung staying healthy and newly acquired Gallery on the O’Line, Lynch should have an easier time running for the Seahawks. I bet he can becomes fantasy relevant in 2011. Projection: Top 25 RB

Wide Receivers

1. NE Chad Johnson ESPN Ranking 39

He’s still got a load of talent and should blossom with Tom Brady as his QB. He might even cry a little after practice because of how accurate Brady is compared to Palmer. Look how Moss ended up doing in New England. He’s no Moss but he’s still got something in the tank for sure! Projection: Top 25 WR

2. SEA Mike Williams ESPN Ranking 46

Even with the newly acquired Sidney Rice in the mix, I believe Mike Williams can, cough… be fantasy relevant again in 2011. He showed up big against the Saints in the playoffs. It will be interesting to see where he goes in fantasy drafts. Projection: Top 30 WR

3. CIN Jerome Simpson ESPN Ranking 45

Depending on who the Bengals bring in, it could be Simpson and rookie A.J. Green getting all of the attention at wide-out. Simpson could be a 1,000 yard receiver if given a chance in 2011. Much like Steve Johnson last year. Projection: Top 30 WR

4. HOU Jacoby Jones ESPN Ranking 56

I think this is the year he breaks out and puts Kevin Walter on the backburner. I can see Jones turning into the true #2 opposite Andre Johnson. Projection: Top 35 WR

Tight End

1. DET Brandon Pettigrew ESPN Ranking 12

Could easily be a top 5 TE and should pay dividends if you wait on a TE till a later round. Projection: Top 5 TE

2. CAR Greg Olsen ESPN Ranking 25

Ranked 25 is way too low. He wasn’t appreciated much under Martz’s system but should be freed up for tons of check downs from Cam Newton. Projection: Top 12


1. Carolina Panthers ESPN Ranking 31

I know I know. The team was putrid last year. But I love what they are doing in the pre-season after the lockout has lifted. They have spend good money locking up the most important players on the team. And the defense wasn’t as bad as the numbers would suggest in 2010. It’s just that the offense was that bad, and the defense had to play most of the game and in a ton of bad situations. Projection: Top 15 DEF





4 responses

29 08 2011

Just because YOU value players higher than ESPN does not make them sleepers. Anything ranked 1-30 or so is not a sleeper. Even in 10 team league. D. Carter is only real sleeper u mentioned. And carolinas defense…Lmao

29 08 2011

Thanks for checking out the site, but I believe that is exactly what makes a sleeper. And I use the rankings from ESPN because they are so poular. Also remember, these came out over a month ago, some have definitely come up the ranking boards since then. I will be doing a part II sleeper list, let me know what you think when I post it later.

4 09 2011

You lost me at TEBOW…all your credibility evaporates…

4 09 2011

LOL, credibility? I’m a stay at home Dad who happens to know a lot about fantasy football. Not sure if that has earned me much cred yet but I’m glad you came by the site and posted.

You have to remember that I posted this before the first preseason game, before Kyle Orton reasserted himself the starter, and before the whole twitter battle with ESPN’s Merrill Hoge. I’m not saying he’s the next Joe Montana people, just look at his numbers from when he was a starter in 2010. Weeks 15-17 he amassed a total of 71 points! That’s more than Vick. More than Aaron Rodgers. More than Tom Brady. And more than Peytom, Rivers and Brees. So to completely write the kid off is lunacy. His numbers as a starter speak volumes. If he’s playing, he will be fantasy relevant. PERIOD.

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