2011 Fantasy Rankings – TE

3 08 2011

Finally a list that isn’t long and tedious! Really after the first 15, the list just becomes such a crap-shoot, why even write about them? And unless you are in a 16 team league that requires you to roster two TE’s (Which I am a part of) you could care less about the bottom rung of the list. Enough rambling, lets get this up and out for the fantasy die-hards to peruse. One thing to keep in mind, probably half of the season ending top 10 for tight-ends will not be drafted within the first 10 TE’s taken. So if you don’t get a top 5 TE, don’t fall for it and reach. Take your time and fill a different position that needs more depth.

1. IND Dallas Clark / 2010 Stats:  37 REC, 347 YDS, 9.4 AVG, 3 TD

If you took Jacob Tamme’s production and added it to Clark’s it would read 100 REC, 978 YDS and 7 TD. It would have put him at No.2 just behind Jason Witten for 2010. Clark was on pace for a phenomenal year and hopefully can stay on the field. Funny how that could be said for about half of the top ten…

2. SD Antonio Gates / 2010 Stats:  50 REC, 782 YDS, 15.6 AVG, 10 TD

Even missing a few games last year, his stats were still gawdy. Only reason he’s not number one is because his foot issue is still bothering him. I know he’s as tough as they come but that foot problem really has me worried. I was tempted to put him at 5.

3. DAL Jason Witten / 2010 Stats:  94 REC, 1002 YDS, 10.7 AVG, 9 TD

The No. 1 TE in 2010, is coming off back-to-back 1000 yard seasons. Look for him to have another outstanding season. I don’t think we’ve seen the best of Witten yet.

4. GB Jermichael Finley / 2010 Stats:  21 REC, 301 YDS, 14.3 AVG, 1 TD

2010 was supposed to be Finley’s breakout year. And he started out on fire, but was lost too quickly to IR. He was drafted quick last year because of the hype and will once again be off the boards quickly. I bet even healthy, he will go games where he was barely used. The Packers just have so many good targets to choose from.

5. SF Vernon Davis / 2010 Stats:  56 REC, 914 YDS, 16.3 AVG, 7 TD

Another solid year for Davis, he’s safely in the top 5 and one of the must-own TE’s. Gotta love that 16.3 AVG.

6. HOU Owen Daniels / 2010 Stats:  38 REC, 471 YDS, 12.4 AVG, 2 TD

Finished the year real strong, 2011 should be his comeback to fantasy stardom. If the top guys are gone let Daniels fall a bit. If someone wants to reach for him, let him go. There is plenty of talent still left on the board.

7. NO Jimmy Graham / 2010 Stats:  31 REC, 356 YDS, 11.5 AVG, 5 TD

With Shockey done in NO, Jimmy takes over as TE1. His potential is huge, but much like Finley, Brees has so many weapons at his disposal. He will also have games where he disappears.

8. JAC Marcedes Lewis / 2010 Stats:  58 REC, 700 YDS, 12.1 AVG, 10 TD

2010 was Marcedes’ breakout season. Double digit TD’s made him almost an every week star. Just when I kept saying, he can’t possibly keep this up, he would get another score.

9. DET Brandon Pettigrew / 2010 Stats:  71 REC, 722 YDS, 10.2 AVG, 4 TD

The ceiling for Pettigrew is huge, lets just hope Stafford is able to make it through a full season or even 10 games to help see it.

10. SEA Zach Miller / 2010 Stats:  60 REC, 685 YDS, 11.4 AVG, 5 TD

Now in Seattle, we’ll see how they end up using him. Tarvaris didn’t get the ball much to Visanthe, so we need to see how the Seahawks offense will look. I would have had Miller higher if he stayed in Oaktown.

11. WAS Chris Cooley / 2010 Stats:  77 REC, 849 YDS, 11.0 AVG, 3 TD

Basically told Fred Davis to take a back seat in 2010, Cooley was once again a Top TE. If he could manage to get a few more scores, his value would easily make him a top 7 TE. UPDATE: Cooley has been favoring his knee thus far in practice and will probably not take part in the first pre season game. Keep an eye on this if you are targeting him in fantasy leagues. Fed Davis is the backup.

12. TB Kellen Winslow / 2010 Stats:  66 REC, 730 YDS, 11.1 AVG, 5 TD

13. ATL Tony Gonzalez / 2010 Stats:  70 REC, 656 YDS, 9.4 AVG, 6 TD

Aging well, Gonzo is still one of the most sure handed TE’s ever. His HOF career speaks for itself and still holds weight on the fantasy draft board. I give him a slightly better rating in PPR leagues.

14. CAR Greg Olsen / 2010 Stats:  41 REC, 404 YDS, 9.9 AVG, 5 TD

Love the move to Carolina for Olsen. He should become an instant safety valve for Newton or Anderson, whomever starts. He could easily end up in the top ten when all is said.

15. KC Tony Moeaki / 2010 Stats:  47 REC, 556 YDS, 11.8 AVG, 3 TD

Nice rookie campaign for Moeaki who quickly became a fan favorite. I’m looking for Mo to increase his numbers by about 20% in 2011.

16. NE Rob Gronkowski / 2010 Stats:  42 REC, 546 YDS, 13.0 AVG, 10 TD

Rob or Aaron? It’s a tough call. One of them is going to do well in each game. Pick your poison!

17. NE Aaron Hernandez / 2010 Stats:  45 REC, 563 YDS, 12.5 AVG, 6 TD

See #16.

18. ARI Todd Heap / 2010 Stats:  40 REC, 599 YDS, 15.0 AVG, 5 TD

Todd, when on the field can still play at a high level. With Kolb in Arizona and Fitz on the outside, Heap might get a lot of looks over the middle-top to stretch the field.

19. NYJ Dustin Keller / 2010 Stats:  55 REC, 687 YDS, 12.5 AVG, 5 TD

20. OAK Kevin Boss / 2010 Stats:  35 REC, 531 YDS, 15.2 AVG, 5 TD

Moved up 5 spots because of his signing in Oakland. Campbell favors his TE, and he should get many more looks.

21. BAL Ed Dickson / 2010 Stats:  11 REC, 152 YDS, 13.8 AVG, 1 TD

One of my sleeper picks, with Todd Heap gone, Dickson is now the man in Baltimore. Flacco usually checks down to Rice, which can sometimes be really predictable, so maybe, just maybe Joe will look to Ed a bit more when things get hot in the pocket.

22. MIN Visanthe Shiancoe / 2010 Stats:  47 REC, 530 YDS, 11.3 AVG, 2 TD

23. TEN Jared Cook / 2010 Stats:  29 REC, 361 YDS, 12.4 AVG, 1 TD

24. CLE Ben Watson / 2010 Stats:  68 REC, 763 YDS, 11.2 AVG, 3 TD

25. PHI Brent Celek / 2010 Stats:  42 REC, 511 YDS, 12.2 AVG, 4 TD

26. CIN Jermaine Gresham / 2010 Stats:  52 REC, 471 YDS, 9.1 AVG, 4 TD

27. SEA John Carlson / 2010 Stats:  31 REC, 318 YDS, 10.3 AVG, 1 TD

28. PIT Heath Miller / 2010 Stats:  42 REC, 512 YDS, 12.2 AVG, 2 TD

One of the best blocking TE’s in the NFL, just doesn’t get you much credit in fantasy. Would love Heath on my real-life football team.

29. MIA Anthony Fasano / 2010 Stats:  39 REC, 528 YDS, 13.5 AVG, 4 TD

30. IND Jacob Tamme / 2010 Stats:  67 REC, 631 YDS, 9.4 AVG, 4 TD

You might know him as fantasy team savior in 2010, especially if you were lucky to snag him off of waivers. Tamme was a nice surprise when Clark went down. If you get Clark early, you almost have to spend a pick on Tamme just to be safe. I would do it, just so I could sleep at night!

After seeing this list of 30, if I can’t get Clark, Gates or Witten, I’m waiting till the last round to pick up a TE. There is such good value in the middle of the pack. And heck, even Ed Dickson at 27, could be huge…






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6 08 2011

Hey T

Thanks for the invite to your league. I’m in. My team’s name is SpankMyTightEnd…lol What can I say? I like funny names.

6 08 2011

Sounds good to me Frog, glad you made it!

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