First Taste of NFL… Junkie’s Reaction

12 08 2011

I know it’s only the preseason but it’s still the first taste of on-the-field NFL action! And it’s something to be excited about. The following are just a few of the reactions I had watching highlights and reading some recaps.

1. Tim Tebow IS a better game-day quarterback than anything else. He played pretty well by all accounts. He should have had a TD running and then had a crazy highlight play for a TD throw that was no good for more than one infraction. But he was still fun to watch and it showed how athletic he is. He also had a really nice 43 yard pass to boot. Aside from all of this, he out-shined Orton on this Thursday.

2. Stephen McGee might be a decent QB one of these days. He played fantastic, albeit agains the reserves, but he aslo finished last season playing well and winning the Cowboys season finale. He could be a hot commodity in a year or two.

3. The Jaguars could be the worst team in the NFL. I know it was only one game but I believe Garrard should be starting, and hopefully will be able to once the season gets going.

4. Michael Vick looked great in his only series.

5. The star of the night, Stevan Ridley, Patriots rookie running back, had three touchdowns. Two on the ground and one through the air. But my favorite little tidbit is from his ESPN Fantasy Projection, where it says he will not catch any balls… lol. Leave it up to Belichik to prove someone wrong. He ended the game with 7 REC for 47 YDS. I’m not saying pick him up, but you will probably see his name on a waiver wire pickup column at some point in 2011.

6. I am probably downgrading my ranking for Aaron Hernandez a couple spots. First off, his numbers weren’t bad, 6 REC 68 YDS, it was his two fumbles and one lost that concerns me more. Gronkowski is the one I would take first.

7. Bryan Walters is officially on my guys to watch list. He not only had 2 REC for 31 YDS on 2 TGTs, he also had a nice 103 YD kickoff return for a touchdown.





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