Mr. Irrelevant 2011

17 08 2011

Here he comes, Mr. Irrelevant…

He reins over all he sees…

He is beauty and he is grace…

I may have taken liberty with Mr. William Shatner’s Miss USA song from Miss Congeniality but it seemed to fit. I mean who among us remembers the winners of the Miss USA pageant anymore. The last one that comes to mind is Vanessa Williams, how sad is that?

A couple of days ago I did put out an article trying to gleen who among the preseason darlings might make something happen in the regular season but that was mainly to churn out another “Sleeper” article to get clicks. I am a whore for the clicks! But to be totally honest, the regular season means very little in terms of fantasy. The only thing to keep an eye on are the injury reports. If your guys can make it through the few weeks of preseason without going down with an ailment, that’s all you want to know. Does Antonio Gates really return to practice fully? Those are the questions fantasy managers should be asking. Not, “Did you see Stevan Ridley’s 3 TD’s?”

Lets take a look at the numbers. In 2010 the top 5 yardage leaders for passing were in order, Charlie Whitehurst, Matt Flynn, Stephen McGee, Luke McCown and Tom Brady. Of those guys Brady was the only anomaly. For rushing, the top 5 were Anthony Dixon, Michael Bennett, Cedric Peerman, Jonathan Dwyer and Jackie Battle. None of which made anything of themselves in 2010. Dixon could have been big, but outplayed by old-man Westbrook in the bay. For receiving, the top 5 were Victor Cruz, Matt Willis, Adrian Arrington, Max Komar and Deon Butler. Deon became a waiver wire sweetheart late in the season and actually did well in a couple games.

You get the point.

In 2009 the top passing leaders were Todd Bouman, AJ Feeley, Joey Harrington, Tyler Palko and Andre Woodson. The rushing leaders were Tyrell Sutton, Gartrell Johnson, Aveion Cason, Lance Ball and Dominique Dorsey. The receiving leaders were Leonard Pope, Jayson Foster, Ashley Lelie, Charly Martin and Ronald Curry. Out of all of those names, Ronald Curry is the only one that carries even the remotest of fantasy or NFL significance today. And it’s not much.

You get my point again. But wait, a twist!

In 2008 the leaders of those three categories included the likes of Kevin Kolb, Rashard Mendenhall, DeAngelo Williams, Chris Johnson, DeSean Jackson and Robert Meachem. Holy cow is that a good list! One might say, then we should be looking at the preseason leaders more closely but I still disagree. I think in general, the NFL is getting more cautious in letting their star players play during these seemingly meaningless games.

Take the preseason in stride. It’s totally possible one of the mentioned in my preseason sleeper article make it big, but it’s highly unlikely the actual yardage leaders will.






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