What I Learned from Preseason Week 2

22 08 2011

That the preseason sucks and all I want are meaningful professional football games! Ok, maybe they aren’t that bad but after the first two quarters I would rather watch Big Brother. At least that show has Jeff and Jordan to root for. I just can’t muster any real enthusiasm for the likes of Stephen McGee and Billy Volek duking it out. Nothing against those two but they’re playing against guys that might not even be on a team in 2 weeks. I am so ready to click UPDATE on my box scores every 5 minutes to see what I might have missed in all of the games that I don’t get on TV. It’s a sad sad day for my wife and kids on Sunday but that’s fantasy football baby. At least the third preseason gets better, we get to see starters play into the second half, woot!

1. Plax looked good in his first start for the Jets albeit against the lowly Bungals. 7 TGT, 3 REC, 66 YDS, 1 TD

2. Another monster game from Stevan Ridley. 84 yards on the ground and 3 receptions, 27 yards through the air. Could this be a sign of things to come. I think we’ll learn more in next weeks game where the starters will play into the second half.

3. Roethlisberger tore apart an Eagle’s D that is still very much trying to put it all together. New defensive coordinator and lots of unfamiliar faces, will probably take 4-5 games to get things rolling.

4. Johnny Lee Higgins is officially on sleeper alert, only if someone goes down with an injury for the Eagles. The forgotten waiver wire pickup from Oakland netted, 7 REC, 54 YDS on 10 TGT.

5. Reggie Bush looked fast for Miami, but this has never been his problem. Can he look fast all year? 8 CAR, 48 YDS, 2 REC, 33 YDS

6. Dexter McCluster got 71 yards on 7 touches for the Chiefs. A hybrid player, catching and running, he should be listed as a WR in your league and could be a decent WR3 with his array of talents. And could easily have 2-3 big games this year. Added bonus for leagues that allow points to individuals for return yards.

7. Arizona’s Beannie Wells will move up the draft boards by a big margin after week 2 of the preseason due to the injury of rookie Ryan Williams who sustained a season ending injury.

8. Rookie WR Chastin West for the Packers had a big game with 134 yards and a score. Too bad he would be buried on the depth chart behind Jordy Nelson and James Jones.

9. Both Roy Helu and Tim Hightower had really nice games. I still say it’s Tim’s job because of his experience in pass protection and his ability to play on all downs. I still predict that Clinton Portis will lead the Redskins in rushing…

10. I keep seeing on twitter from various fantasy pro’s that Fred Jackson is going to lose his job to CJ Spiller… but I’ve yet to see Spiller out perform Jackson even once, ever.

11. Jacoby Jones should officially be bumped up on the WR draft board. He didn’t have a spectacular game but his targets (8) spoke volumes. He also finished 2010 on fire!

12. Arian Foster looked healthy, not worried about his hamstring as much now. Still think he’s probably the best pick to be a bust but he did look good. Also looking rather good was 2nd round pick from 2010, Ben Tate. 9 CAR, 95 YDS, 1 TD




2 responses

22 08 2011

That is a sad day when you would rather watch BB 😛 Your poor wife and children. I don’t know her, but I would imagine your wife is a loving, caring, and very understanding woman to watch two kids for a whole football season while you are busy being a guru. I am sure you get her a huge present at the end of the season to thank her for being so wonderful…right?!

22 08 2011

She is amazing! Do you have any suggestions?

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