Colts Sign Kerry Collins

24 08 2011

I am officialy worried about Peytons chances to start the year. They have never felt the need to bring in a proven player in the past. Chris Mortensen from ESPN is reporting that the Colts front office thinks Manning will be unavailable for the season opener. Peyton is still hopeful. Also interesting to note, Bill Polian was the general manager for the Panthers the year they drafted Collins.





4 responses

24 08 2011
Tracey Gatchell

Collins is over the hill. He might make a difference.

24 08 2011

He’s definitely better than the options they currently had in Painter and Orlovski.

24 08 2011
Vanna Harradon

Kerry is a seasoned veteran. He might get them in the running.

24 08 2011

He is a guy they can use if Manning has a setback and needs to sit for a few. I believe Manning will start the season and at least test his neck out. Kerry can hold the fort down and hopefully help the Colts go .500 while Manning is gone.

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