Arian Foster Hurt Again, Curse of Kubiak

28 08 2011

In the matchup against the 49ers, Arian Foster re-injured his hamstring and left the game. It is apparently the same leg he injured at the start of training camp. Coach Kubiak said after the game, that it appeared to be the same in severity as the first one. Arian Foster missed 11 days of practice time the first go around. If he misses that much time again, he could be in danger of missing week one. I don’t know about you but I seem to remember someone putting Arian Foster on a busts list about a month ago? He is going to be great when he’s on the field but I just think it’s the Curse of Kubiak! Take a look at these rushing leaders for the Texans since 2004.

2004: Damanik (Davis) Williams – 1188 YDS  *Side note, whatever happened to Davis, was a stud from 03-05.

2005: Domanik (Davis) Williams – 976 YDS

2006: Ron Dayne – 612 YDS / Walli Lundy – 476 YDS

2007: Ron Dayne – 773 YDS

2008: Steve Slaton – 1282 YDS

2009: Steve Slaton – 437 YDS / Ryan Moats – 390 YDS / Chris Brown – 267 YDS / Arain Foster – 257 YDS

2010: Arian Foster – 1616 YDS / Derrick Ward – 315 YDS

So what I’m trying to say is that I don’t trust a Texans RB to have much success past one year. It is after all Gary Kubiak, a descendant from the Mike Shananigans system. So seeing a wide variety of names on the RB leader board shouldn’t be a total shock. Come to think about it… Kubiak was hired in 2006 to take over for Dom Capers and the only steady RB for the Texans gets hurt and is never heard from again. Duh Duh Duh. The curse of Kubiak is in full affect. Also of note, the yearly rushing leaders for the Bronco’s while Kubiak was the offensive coordinator. Remember Terell Davis (injured), he was the workhorse from 95-98 for Kubiak. After that it gets hairy. In 1999 it was Olandis Gary, 2000 Mike Anderson, 2001 Davis/Anderson, 2002/03 Clinton Portis, 2004 Reuben Droughns and Mike Anderson again in 2005.

I’m pretty sure it’s going to come down to Ben Tate or Derrick Ward leading the Texans in rushing this year. But only pretty sure, so don’t yell at me when he’s the #1 back again!

Anything can happen and lightning can strike twice.





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