Kendall Hunter Should Be On Your Team…

3 09 2011

…if you drafted Frank Gore. It is being reported by that Hunter has officially passed Anthony Dixon as the backup to Frank Gore. And for those of you who have or ever have drafted Mr. Gore, you will need to know that he has only played 16 games in a season once in his career. So owning Hunter is a virtual must for you. And why not, Kendall Hunter had a phenomenal preseason amassing 231 yards, averaging 6.6 yard per carry.

A note for dynasty leagues, if you have room Hunter would be a great addition. It turns out that Frank Gore’s new extension isn’t that great for Gore. The 49ers can back out any given year and not be out a ton of money. Hunter could very well be the future for them if Gore goes down again this year.

Another 49ers tidbit, Alex Smith has also won the job of starting quarterback to start the season. Yawn. I do with him well though, I can’t imagine how hard it is to play under so many systems and never get a chance to settle in under one regime. Reminds me of Joey Harrington in Detroit. Seemed like he had a new Offensive coordinator and head coach every year! Sorry Joey.





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