Junkie’s Week 6 – Hits and Misses

14 10 2011

What a Monday Night! We drove up to see the Detroit Lions take on the Chicago Bears and the Lions did not dissapoint. And lets here it for those fans! I knew it was loud, but re-watching the game the next day, made me realize just how loud we were. So good to be a Lions fan this year. Lets soak it in and pray it’s not some fluke year and we go back to being the gum under the NFL shoe next year. If by chance my M.I.L. reads this, can you remind my F.I.L. to bring that $5 bill back to me! It’s been a couple years and I need to have as much time with it as possible…

Getting to what happened in week 5 is just sad. What can I say other than, Brad Evans of Yahoo fame got me. I tried to find guys he ranked to low and he blew me away. I went 0-6 and only got close on Kellen Winslow and New Orleans DEF. Everyone else stunk and I blame them for my Hits and Misses trouble. If you want to see the whole list from week 5 click HERE!

Before I get into the H&M for week six, I need to say Happy Anniversary to my smashingly wonderful wife Jill. It will be 7 fantastic years this Sunday and I owe a lot to her! She has always supported me in whatever it is I wanted to do and she is the Mother to our two beautiful kids! Plus, she just so happens to be 5-0 in the official Junkie fantasy league, even while drafting Peyton Manning in the second round! Love you babe!

Now onto what is sure to be a better week! Carrying on the new tradition of picking on my favorite Fantasy analysts, I have chosen ESPN’s own Christopher Harris. I have been a big fan of his work for as long as I can remember playing this silly game. I love the way he can break down the facts of matchups and lay it all out there for you to make a real educated decision. Cheers to you Mr. Harris and good luck!

1. QB: Sam Bradford – Harris Rank 17th

Oh Sam, I loved you so much coming into this year. You and Kendricks were supposed to make sweet sweet fantasy love but it just hasn’t clicked yet. I believe this is the week! I’m sure you both worked extra hard during the bye week to solve all of your problems. Green Bay should take care of business but get soft in the second half. Hopefully allowing Sam to rack up decent garbage points.

2. RB: Earnest Graham – Harris Rank 30th

I have always liked the way Graham plays the game. He is a good runner, good blocker and a better than average pass catcher out of the backfield. If Blount can’t suit up this weekend, expect the Saints to get a heavy dose of Graham. He could see 20+ touches, and that makes him valuable in any league.

3. WR: Preston Parker – Harris Rank Unranked in Top 50

He was targeted early and often by Josh Freeman during weeks 1-4 and dropped off the map last week. But not to fear, the Saints are hear to spark the offense. The Saints will make it a shoot-out forcing Freeman to throw the ball often. And the Saints are a team giving up a ton of yards to opposing offenses unlike the much improved 49ers from week 5.

4. TE: Lance Kendricks – Harris Rank Unranked in Top 25

This is it, I swear, if Kendricks blows it this week with more dropped passes, that’s it. You will be dead to me!

5. DEF: Oakland Raiders – Harris Rank 20th

I just love the way the Raiders are playing. This week they are at home versus Colt McCoy and the Browns. There is trouble in that Browns locker room, I can feel it. And if the Browns don’t keep it close by grinding Hillis down the Raiders throats it could be a long day for Browns fans. I just sense a special teams touchdown from the Raiders.


Just thought I would copy this quote from Matthew Berry of ESPN. He has this under a photo of him and Tim Tebow. “I’m not going to lie: Tim Tebow makes me want to be a better man. I’m probably not going to try very hard, but he makes me want to.” I totally agree, and I’ve never met him. Read his full Love/Hate column.

To qualify as a hit the players must get to certain benchmarks within the weekly scoring leaders of ESPN standard leagues. Quarterbacks must reach the top 10. Running backs must reach the top 25. Wide receivers must reach the top 30. Tight ends and defenses must reach the top 10. The rankings I use next to the players names are the ranks as of the writing of this article. 




3 responses

14 10 2011
John Broberg

Congrats to you and the Mrs.! 🙂

14 10 2011

Thanks John!

14 10 2011

Thanks babe…LOVE YOU!

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