Sunday Lightning In A Bottle – Week 6

15 10 2011

This is going to be brief.

I just had a wonderful two days away from the kids to spend with my amazing wife on a little anniversacation. It’s close to midnight and she is passed out on the bed and the I’m watching the Tigers fall apart in game six of the ALCS. It was a good year Tigers, I’m proud of you. But now it’s time for the Lions to step it up and take care of the visiting 49ers. Enough already, it’s about time for me to pass out also!

This week I highlighted the wonderful Christopher Harris of ESPN. I tore apart his rankings and found, what hopefully end up being, some quality players to start on Sunday in my Hits and Misses. After re-scouring his rankings I found one that should pan out nicely this week. It’s Michael Crabtree. Harris ranked Crabtree as the 42nd best wide receiver going this week. Facing a tough Detroit defense and an equally tough Detroit crowd, Crabtree should get plenty of looks in this game. With Josh Morgan going on IR and Edwards still unable to play, it’s time for Crabtree to step up and be the true number one Alex Smith needs.

Last week, the Bears couldn’t mount a come-back in large part, due to the lack of a go-to receiver. I really think Crabtree has the ability to be that guy and Smith will have to hope he can be. I expect him to have around 10 targets, which is a good amount, but I’m still crossing my fingers that he can make 4-5 of them count!

Good luck this week.





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