Junkie’s Week 8 – Hits & Misses

29 10 2011

This is coming a tad bit late this week. But it’s still coming out before the games start so everything is ok!

Last week was terrible. I went 1-5 trying to pick apart ESPN Insider Eric Karabell. The only saving grace was Steve Breaston who barely made the top 30 at wide receiver. You can recap all of my week 7 predictions here. This week I’m taking on the @Sultanofstat, Tristan Cockcroft. He is the last ESPN ranker that I will single out for this year.

Without further ado, good luck Tristan!

1. QB: Tim Tebow – Tristan’s Rank 12th

I have no qualms about my man-love for Tebow both as a reality and fantasy player. I just want to see him succeed. Whether it happens in reality is a whole different ball game, but for fantasy, I’m a 100% believer he can be a top 10 QB most weeks. This week is no different for me, even against my Lions. I believe he will find a way to score points… just not enough for a win… hopefully. I even toyed with the idea of starting him over Brady. To be fair, since Brady went ballistic in week 1, his numbers have dropped in every game since.

2. RB: Reggie Bush – Tristan’s Rank 34th

If the Dolphins can finally start to utilize Bush the way he should be, maybe, just maybe he can start to make a fantasy impact. I have a hunch he can do that this week against the Giants. With Daniel Thomas ruled OUT for the game, Bush will get some additional touches. Taking a look at the numbers, Bush has been running pretty well the last 3 games, going for 163 yards on 33 carries. Good enough for almost 5 YPC.

3. WR: Steve Breaston – Tristan’s Rank 39th

Are you kidding? Just when this guy is starting to produce on a regular basis, he is still getting no love. I’m in a 16 team keeper league with a salary cap and Breaston was dropped for, wait for it, Roy Williams. WHAT? Roy has made a small impact the past two games but no. This still should not happen. And don’t say it was for salary cap room, Williams was actually $2 more than Breaston.

4. TE: Ed Dickson – Tristan’s Rank 16th

I believe that Cam Cameron is going to go back to basics this week. Let Ray Rice do the heavy lifting and let Flacco deliver nice easy passes to Boldin and Dickson. Keep it simple, get into a rhythm and make the nasty taste left in their mouths after the Monday night game go away. I believe that Dickson is a matchup nightmare for Arizona, he should easily get 6-7 targets in this one.

5. DEF: New England – Tristan’s Rank 20th

Coming off a bye hasn’t meant much success for NFL teams this year but the Patriots aren’t your normal run-of-the-mill team, now are they? I expect them to have a solid game plan to limit Big Ben and his downfield throwing. And for some reason, Brady has played really well in Pittsburgh, hopefully that trend continues for the defense to stay fresh.

Hopefully I will get the Sunday Lightning in a Bottle out early tomorrow so stay tuned!


To qualify as a hit the players must get to certain benchmarks within the weekly scoring leaders of ESPN standard leagues. Quarterbacks must reach the top 10. Running backs must reach the top 25. Wide receivers must reach the top 30. Tight ends and defenses must reach the top 10. The rankings I use next to the players names are the ranks as of the writing of this article. 




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