Happy Halloween – S.L.I.A.B. Week 8

30 10 2011

That's the Junkie posing as Peyton, if you couldn't tell the difference!

Whatever you may think of my Halloween costume, you know it’s on topic and rocks hard. I really do love Peyton Manning and hope he comes back strong, but this idea was too good to pass up!

Now for the Sunday Lightning in a Bottle for week 8. Tristan Cockcroft, whom I’ve already dissected in my Hits & Misses column for week 8, has this running back ranked 36th overall which is probably about right but he’s producing with a limited amount of touches and in a backup role. He is, mine and your favorite handcuff, Ben Tate! If he can get between 9-12 touches, that may be all he needs to score you a decent game. Last week, he gained over a hundred yards on 10 carries. It could easily happen again and the Texans will run the ball a lot with Andre Johnson likely to miss another game.

Do you have anyone in mind that can climb the rankings this week significantly? Drop some knowledge and let us know so you can be thought of as a genius!





2 responses

30 10 2011
John Broberg

HAHAHA… great costume, FFJ!

31 10 2011

Thanks John, I thought it was at least current. And heck, it’s very scary for Colt’s fans… I better be careful walking around tonight!

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