Cribbs as a RB? YES PLEASE

10 11 2011

That's Cribbs on the right if you couldn't figure it out. He's got RB written all over him!

Yes, I think this is a great idea. Do I think the Browns will actually make this happen? Maybe. It’s hard to believe them after three straight weeks of:

– Yes, we are going to find more ways to get Josh the ball…

– We are going to get Cribbs more involved in the offense…

– Josh is our best playmaker, we need to get him the ball in space…

These are not exact quotes, but they quite possibly could be. He has seen exactly 8 targets the past two weeks and no carries… while the best RB they have (Hillis) has been OUT for various reasons. So they start Chris Ogbannaya, who clearly wasn’t ready for the prime-time and give him 13 carries. AND THEN, as Ogbannaya was predictably terrible, they give Thomas Clayton 5 carries. So, maybe THIS is the week Cribbs gets a carry or two. I sure hope so.

If anyone watched season two of The League on FX, you may remember Cribbs showing up in an episode. He definitely looks like a RB and not a WR. Lets see what the guy can do, he’s way more talented than any other back on the roster!





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