Junkie’s Week 11 – Hits & Misses

20 11 2011

Last week I went 0-5, that is terrible or tuuurrrrabbble if your Charles Barkley.

The Lions need to win this week against the Panthers. GO LIONS!


The new Twilight came out this weekend and I’m mostly ashamed to say, I’m going to watch it. Not only that, I’m watching it on Sunday… keep the hate to a minimum please.

It’s time to quickly put up the H&M before kickoffs! So lets do this!

1. QB: John Skelton – ESPN Rank 19

He’s at least doing one thing right. Getting the ball to Fitz!

2. RB: Kregg Lumpkin – ESPN Rank 40

3. WR: Steve Smith PHI – ESPN Rank 44

4. TE: Brent Celek – ESPN Rank 13

Still getting no top 10 love from ESPN, but he’s got Vince Young throwing this week. We’ll quickly see what kind of chemistry in any, they have. Most likely, Vince will be blitzed a lot and force Young to get rid of the ball quickly.

5. DEF: Miami Dolphins – ESPN Rank 15

They have been playing much better as of late and the Bills have been much worse. Sounds like a good combination to me!


To qualify as a hit the players must get to certain benchmarks within the weekly scoring leaders of ESPN standard leagues. Quarterbacks must reach the top 10. Running backs must reach the top 25. Wide receivers must reach the top 30. Tight ends and defenses must reach the top 10. The rankings I use next to the players names are the ranks as of the writing of this article. 




4 responses

21 11 2011

OK the twilight thing is fine. I’m probably going to see it too lol, but what I can’t understand is Sunday?!!!!!! lol

21 11 2011
Tom Schriner

I know, believe me Frog, I know!

I will say this about Twilight. It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. From the trailers, I really felt like it was going to suck hard. Mind you it wasn’t great by any means, but about the same as the other ones.

21 11 2011

nice work btw regarding the dolphins D. The most frustrating thing for me this weekend was that I benched Stafford in a few of my leagues this week and then he throws 5 TDs..lol

22 11 2011
Tom Schriner

Yeah, Stafford was a touch call for a lot of people. Can’t blame you for feeling jittery. And heck for the first quarter and two picks later it looked like a good decision.

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