Week 14 Thursday Lightning In A Bottle!

7 12 2011

It’s been a while since I last posted a game-day lightning in a bottle but I felt really compelled to put this one out.

Tomorrow night we have the lowly Browns traveling to Steeler country. It should be an easy game for the Steelers. If it’s not an easy game then this pick will be shot and never heard from again!

The strength of the Browns DEF this year has been against the passing game. Their weakness is against the rushing attack. I would think the coaching staff of the Steelers is aware of this information, and will plan accordingly. I could see the Steelers running the ball anywhere from 35-40 times tonight. Mendenhall should be a beast. Gotta start him, but why not start his backup as well if you are desperate?

Isaac Redman should be expected to get between 7-12 carries in this contest and might break one off for a TD. It’s worth a shot if you were a Forte owner struggling to find a suitable replacement. I would bet, Redman out scores Barber this week. ESPN failed to rank Redman in their top 50 at the RB position, a FAIL in my opinion. But we’ll see after all is said, maybe I should be getting paid too?

Good luck to those starting playoffs this week. Unfortunately for me, I was eliminated in two leagues but should make the playoffs in my other four. Now I need a championship in one to make this year feel like not so much of a letdown!





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