UPDATED Fantasy Rankings

16 08 2012

Just sending out a little note that I have updated the Running Backs, Wide Receiver and Tight End rankings in the 2012 Draft Kit! And coming later today, the list everyone has been waiting for…






3 responses

16 08 2012
John Broberg

Reblogged this on Excel for Fantasy Football © and commented:
Sure, you can auto-pick instead. That’s how a dude in my league got Ryan Mathews, in the first round. #Fail

16 08 2012
Tom Schriner

Ouch, that hurts John. I bet he was stoked at first though.

16 08 2012
John Broberg

The same thing happened last year. Another auto-picker got Peyton Manning, in the first. He was stoked at first too. No playoffs for him.

I have a saying: Winners do their homework.

These guys didn’t do their homework. All they have to do is read our blogs a day or two before the draft, right? lol

I’m kind of glad they don’t though. I don’t want my opponents using my own strategies and weapons against me. hahaha

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