Junkie’s 2012 Fantasy Awakenings

5 09 2012

I was just going to call them sleepers and hope that my small blog ended up on page 156 of google’s search engine so that somebody could find this hole-in-the-wall site about fantasy football and then I said screw that! I’m calling them “Awakenings,” as if that is much better. It’s different… not sure about better though. I’ll keep working on it.

I also know that this is coming a bit late. Ideally, this would have been out 2-3 weeks ago, so most people could have used it to target some players during their drafts but late is better than never and I’m still not getting paid for this. Don’t expect too much from the Junkie till some CASH is being handed over.

The list of players before you are some guys that I like coming into this year that I expect/hope will vastly outperform their respective ADP (Average Draft Position). There will be some guys you know and maybe a couple you didn’t. Some of these guys are also trade-targets in my opinion. Rest assured if you are in a league with me, I may make a play for some of these players.


1. Matt Cassell  ADP: 27 – I think Cassell as the 27th taken quarterback in drafts is just absurd. Just look at his weapons! Bowe, Charles, Hillis, McCluster, Baldwin and Moeaki. That team is stacked on offense and primed to do well. Do I think he’s a starter in 10 team leagues, no. But do I think he could be a starter in 16 team leagues, yes. I say he cracks the top 16 among QB’s. The talent is just too great for him to not have a productive year.

2. Ben Roethlisberger  ADP: 12 – Calling Ben an “Awakening” is a bit of a stretch but I feel like people are really down on him this season. I just don’t see it. I like Ben to be a top 10 QB. I feel like the Steelers will be throwing a ton to win games and Ben has two terrific pass catchers to work with. That coupled with a revamped offensive line courtesy of the draft and a new offensive coordinator that has favored airing it out in past years, has me thinking big on Big Ben.

Running Backs:

1. Donald Brown  ADP: 38 – Really? 38? He is the starter, correct? With not a ton of talent behind him on the depth chart? And he played well the second half of last season? And he’s going after guys like Kevin Smith, Mark Ingram, Beannie Wells and Roy Helu? Really? How did this happen? The Colts will struggle this season, but Brown is the guy coming into the start of the season and is in line to get a lot of work. Donald Brown should a decent RB2 and should make the top 25 among backs this season.

2. Ryan Williams  ADP: 40 – I do not like Beannie Wells. Maybe it’s his affiliation to the Ohio State Buckeyes (Hoosier fan here) or maybe it’s his affinity to get hurt all of the time but I do not like Beannie Wells. And I loved Williams coming into the 2011 drafts before he got hurt and never saw the regular season. So another year has passed and Ryan made it through the preseason un scathed. So, again, I DO NOT LIKE BEANNIE WELLS!

3. Cedric Benson  ADP: 27 – I am not a huge fan of Benson but the guy is steady. He’s an old school power back that will get you the tough yards. Not flashy or quick but goes North and South with power. I think he’s the perfect fit for a high-octane Packers offense. He’s the game changer that can really throw off an opponent. I see him in the top 20 for sure by years end and would be shocked if he got less that 250 carries. I bet we also see his average yards per carry go above 4.0 for the first time in 3 seasons.

Wide Receivers:

1. Antonio Brown  ADP: 25 – Not only was he the favored WR for Pittsburgh in the second half of the year last season, he also had a huge game against Denver in the playoffs. All of that momentum coupled with Wallace’s holdout has me banking a big season for Brown.

2. Torrey Smith  ADP: 28 – Much like Brown, I believe Smith is going to see an increase in targets and is more in line to be the real #1 WR on their respective teams. I see he and Brown each making the top 20 in WR by the end of the year.

3. Reggie Wayne  ADP: 32 – Talk about a guy that has dropped from last season, Wayne is not even considered a starter in a 10 team league that starts 3 WR’s! That is a shame. You gotta remember, he is the best option for Luck to be successful throwing the ball. And Wayne had a decent year last season with a carousel of quarterbacks in Indy. I believe Reggie has more value in a PPR league but he should also have no problem being a top 24 wideout by years end.

4. Brandon LaFell  ADP: 58 – Last season LaFell had 36 receptions for 613 yards. That was while splitting time as the #2 with Legedu Nanee. Nanee isn’t there anymore. I could easily see LaFell getting 70 catches for 1,000 yards and 4-5 scores when is all said. That should be enough to land him in the top 40 at wideout. More of a deep league play but still could be useful in standard leagues during bye weeks.

Tight Ends:

1. Greg Olsen  ADP: 15 – I love Olsen this season now that Shockey isn’t there gobbling up half of the TE targets. Olsen is in line to get the majority of those looks and should have a really nice season. I see top 10 written all over his stat line.

2. Martellus Bennett  ADP: 20 – Bennett is a huge target that never really got to show what he had in Dallas backing up future HOF’er Jason Witten. Now with the Giants, Bennett has a little something to prove. And Eli should hive him ample opportunity.

3. Zach Miller  ADP: 29 – With Kellen Winslow’s surprising release by the Seahawks that tells us two things. One, that Winslow was going to cost the team too much money and two, that they believe Zach Miller is good enough. Just a couple of years ago, Miller was supposed to be on the verge of hitting elite tight end range and then he was traded to Seattle, got banged up, and split time with John Carlson. Now he’s essentially the lone man. If he gets an increase in targets, he may not be on waiver wires for long. Keep an eye on him.


1. Billy Cundiff  ADP: 19 – I see this the Redskins moving the ball a lot and not being able to punch it in. I like Cundiff, but you can’t miss a gimme chip shot in a playoff game and expect things to work out. He was shipped off from Baltimore only to end up just a few miles away in DC.


1. Kansas City Chiefs  ADP: 18 – I’m all-in on the Chiefs! I think they take the division, and don’t look back this year. Love their offense and the defense is getting healthy. Look for them in the top 12 of defenses.


• We used the ADP from ESPN, and each ADP number is for the respective position.




2 responses

5 09 2012

Torrey Smith, Torrey Smith! And yet, I have Anquan Boldin in two leagues…

5 09 2012
Tom Schriner

Lol, sorry Dave. But Boldin should be good also. Just not as good as Torrey…

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