Is Ramses Barden “The Great”

21 09 2012

– Ramses II was the third king of the 19th dynasty of ancient Egypt, and is often cited as the most powerful of the Pharaohs, or simply “Ramses the Great” –

Is Ramses Barden going to be the WR3 with the most promise/power? With Nicks likely only to miss this game, for now, Barden is still the low man on the pole.

Is Ramses the new Kevin Ogletree?

A more casual fan of fantasy might be asking that same question. And the similarities are evident. Both played in a mid-week contest. Both had breakout performances that led to their teams winning, and both are guys that will be picked up heavily in the following weeks’ waivers. Unless you are in a league that plays first-come first-served… which in that case, open a new tab and see if anyone picked this guy up yet!

But it’s also worth mentioning the way in which they each had those breakout performances. Kevin Ogletree did it while both Miles Austin and Dez Bryant were on the field. Which makes me think he has a better chance to sustain his productivity the entire year. While, Ramses Barden made the most of his opportunity when Hakeem Nicks missed the game due to injury.

I bet in the end both receivers finish with similar numbers, around 600-750 yards and a handful of touchdowns. And each will have a couple nice games throughout the year but neither will be worth starting in standard leagues. That is, until one of the stars of either team gets injured for a long period. If that were to happen, I like Barden more but both would be in my top 30 every week.





2 responses

11 10 2012

He was ‘Great’ for a week or 2, but not when all the Giants WR’s are healthy.

11 10 2012
Tom Schriner

That’s what I think as well! It’s too bad Barden got hurt himself and now Randle is in the mix.

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